[2023] How To Associate Mail Account With Focus Mode On iOS 16.4

Apple added the Focus mode with the release of iOS 15 and the iPad OS 15, which is used for increased concentration throughout the day. Additionally, Apple added focus mode filters in iOS 16, so you can add app filters to control what data apps display when the focus is on. You can also design your personalised Focus modes with particular preferences and settings, like allowing only selected contacts to contact you during work hours or disabling all social media notifications while spending time with family. 

So read this iChumz article to learn how to associate your mail account with the focus mode on your iPhone 14 Pro/Max running iOS 16.4.

Associate Mail Account With a Focus on iPhone

Follow the following steps to associate your mail account with focus mode on your iOS 16 devices:

  • Go to the Settings app and tap on Focus.
Tap on the Focus option in the Settings menu.
  • Then choose the focus mode you want to associate your mail account with, for example, Work Mode.
Choose the Focus mode.
  • Then scroll down and tap Add Filter.
Tap on the Add Filter option.
  • And tap on the Mail app.
Tap on Mail app icon.
  • Select the account you want to associate with it.
Now choose the Accounts you want to associate with focus mode.
  • Then tap on Add button to finish the set-up.
Tap on Add button.

That’s it. After this, when you turn on the focus mode, the emails from your account will be shown.

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