Two Ways To Lock Apps On iPhone 14 Pro/Max

There are times that, by accident, your phone will remain unlocked by you, or someone may have guessed your iPhone password, which means your phone is no longer secure, and they can access your apps and your data.
But the iPhone has introduced screen time, through which you can lock your apps and keep your privacy secure, and without the screen time feature, there is a built-in app called the Shortcuts app that lets you lock your apps without the screen time feature by making personal automations.

So read this iChumz article to learn the two methods of locking your iPhone apps without using third-party apps.

Lock iPhone 14 apps

Method 1: Lock apps on the iPhone without screen time in iOS 16

You can use the Shortcuts app on your iPhone to lock 14 apps without screen time, and to do so, follow the instructions below.

  • Navigate to Shortcuts>Automation> Create Personal Automation.
Tap on Create Personal Automation.
  • Choose Apps from the menu.
Choose the App.
  • Then select the option Choose.
Then click on Choose button.
  • Then choose the App and tap the Done button.
Now select the App and tap Done.
  • Then click the Is Opened checkbox and tap on Next.
Then choose the Is Opened option and tap Next.
  • Next, tap on Add Action.
Now tap to Add Action.
  • Then select the Start Timer from the actions list.
Then choose the Start Timer option.
  • Then choose a time for the app and press Next.
Set the time and tap Next.
  • To run the automation automatically, toggle off Ask Before Running.
Then toggle off the Ask Before Run option.
  • Then navigate to Clock>Timer>When Timer Ends.
Tap on When Timer Ends on the Timer section.
  • At last, select Stop Playing and tap Set to finish the setup.
Then select Stop Playing.

You have locked your iPhone apps without using the screen time feature.

Method 2: Lock apps With Screen Time on iphone 14 series

Follow the following steps to lock your iPhone apps via screen time.

  • Go to Settings>Screen Time>App Limits.
Tap on App Limits.
  • Then turn on the App Limits and enter a Passcode.
Now turn on the App Limits option.
  • Next, tap Add Limit and type your passcode to access it.
Tap on Add limit to add a time limit for the apps.
  • Now select your apps and tap Next.
Select your App.
  • Set a specific Time and press the Add button.
Set time for the limit.
  • To lock the app, deactivate the Block at End of Limit option.
Turn on the Block at End of Limit.


You have learned the two methods of locking your iPhone apps, with and without the screen time feature, so finally, post your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions in the comments section.

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